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Compensate secures new funding to continue growth

With new funding, Compensate focuses on growth and expertise.


Stopping climate change is the defining question of our time. Because the impact of climate change is so severe and all-encompassing, all innovative and bold solutions in combating it must be explored. Today, June 19th 2019, global growth accelerator Business Finland has granted Compensate a sizable multi-million euro loan in funding.

– We are incredibly joyous and proud to hear the news! We are now able to build a new ecosystem around carbon capture and begin a global paradigm shift, all the while creating new business, employment opportunities and well-being, says COO Minna Kaitala.

With the new funding, Compensate will focus on developing new, technical solutions and on growing its expertise on climate change and carbon capture. The growing global interest for Compensate will also be met.

Despite growing demand, the market for carbon capture has not yet fully been realized. Once we begin to pay for carbon capture, this will change. Compensate is proudly part of the new movement fighting climate change through carbon capture.

While radically cutting emissions is the key, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere can not rise any further. Therefore we must also put efforts into carbon capture. When easy to access, reliable tools are made available, individuals and companies want to bear their share of the responsibility.

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Business Finland press release (in Finnish)

Compensate is a non-profit foundation that aims to stop climate change by offering ways for people to live a carbon negative life.