How Compensate works

Compensate is building a system that enables carbon dioxide compensation to be a part of our everyday life. We want everyone to be able begin a carbon negative life now.

Compensate directly at the time of your purchase

We are creating a system where carbon dioxide emissions caused by our consumption can be compensated easily at the time of the purchase. Several companies are already building this possibility into their systems.

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Calculate your carbon footprint and compensate

Before it is possible to compensate directly at the time of your purchase, we need ways to live a carbon negative life. You can calculate your own carbon footprint with our calculator and begin to compensate for it right away.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Compensation payments directed to carbon sinks

Compensate directs the compensation payments fully to carbon sink projects. Currently, one of the most efficient ways to capture carbon is reforestation and protecting existing forests.


Being carbon neutral is not enough to stop climate change. We need to capture carbon more than we emit to the atmosphere. In addition, there still are uncertainties related to carbon capture. For these reasons, we always make a significant, at least two-fold, overcompensation.


Compensate channels the compensation payments fully and transparently to certified carbon sink projects.

Services for companies

Stopping climate change requires a systemic change where we begin to take responsibility for the damage we are causing. Together with companies we want to create a global system that makes it possible for consumers to easily bear their responsibility. The solutions depend on the industry and type of business activity. If you are interested to learn more about the different possibilities to integrate Compensate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How we use the compensation payments

We use the compensation payments for internationally trusted project developers' certified carbon sink projects. We charge 20 euros per one carbon dioxide ton and use the compensation payments fully to buy certified emission reduction units. The most well-known certificates are Gold Standard and VCS. We operate closely with the scientific community in order to find the most cost-efficient and trusthworthy solutions to capture carbon from the atmosphere.

Carbon sinks

Increasing carbon sinks is an essential way to capture carbon from the atmosphere. Deforestation and forest degradation are responsible for around 10-15% of the global emissions so protecting existing forests is an important way to reduce global emissions. When forests are not cut down, the carbon capture continues to exist in those trees. In addition, protecting forests has a significant role in preserving biodiversity.

The carbon sink projects

The project developers develop carbon sink projects in different countries and they have a cooperation agreement with a local partner that takes care of the daily operations of the project. The project developers have a third-party independent calculation and auditing for the reduced emissions and the project developers apply for international certificates for their projects. The auditing process required by the certificates determines how many carbon dioxide tons each project reduces from the atmosphere and therefore, how many emissions reduction units is on sale per project.

Calculating the carbon capture

Both the project developers and the certifiers use conservative calculation methods in determining the amount of carbon capture. For example, the amount of carbon leakage is overestimated and the amount of carbon captured is underestimated. This aims to ensure, that the amount of carbon captured is not overestimated in the calculations. The most well-known certifiers are Gold Standard and VCS and they both require a third-party monitoring for 30 years on the forestation projects in order to ensure that the carbon capture is permanent.

Transparency of the payment transactions

We channel the compensation payments fully to carbon sink projects. We transparently and regularly report our payment transactions of buying the emissions reduction units. With maximum transparency we ensure that our operations are also subject to critical review which allows us to further develop the selection of our compensation method.