Let's combat climate change, together!

Compensate is a service that enables carbon dioxide compensation to be a part of our everyday lives.

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Every purchase decision is a climate action

Partnering with Compensate

Compensate is a nonprofit climate operator. Here's what we guarantee our partners:

Universal emissions service
To meet rapidly emerging demand, Compensate is building a universal, verifiable standard for calculating true carbon footprints for products and services across industries.
We use 100% of the received compensation payments to purchase certified carbon credits, and always disclose our finances and projects for everyone to see.
Scientific Advisory Panel
Compensate's project criteria and independent Scientific Advisory Panel help us identify the most cost-effective, reliable and sustainable means of capturing carbon dioxide.
With Compensate’s built-in overcompensation, more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere than what a product or a service causes.
Recognized trademark
Compensate is an internationally trademarked brand widely recognized by consumers. You'll be joining the #WeCompensate family of forward-thinking pioneers.
Easy integration
To make climate impact visible and taking action trouble-free, Compensate integrates into existing customer journeys, purchase flows and platforms.

Our partners

Smart companies and individuals are already radically reducing their emissions and working toward a sustainable future. But to truly combat climate change, going carbon neutral is not enough, we need to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we put in. That's why #WeCompensate.